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The Australian Retired Persons Association (SA) Inc, known as ARPA, was established in 1981. It presently uses the ARPA Active Over 50s banner to better represent the association and its members. It sees the definition provided by the World Health Organisation on Active Ageing as its guide.

Active Ageing – the process of optimising opportunities for physical, social and mental well-being throughout the life course in order to extend healthy life expectancy and the quality of the life in older age.
Add to this the opportunities for friendship and you have over 2000 members who are looking after their well-being.

All groups offer social opportunities.

With a long list of activity and regional groups around the metropolitan area and near country, you are sure to find something to keep you active.

Activity Groups

These groups have a single focus such as golf, cycling, fishing, photography, walking and many more. These groups are open to all members. There are presently 25 groups which can be subdivided into performance, physical, indoor and educational. Visit the ARPA Groups page for more information.

Regional Groups

These groups are open to all members. Activities vary greatly between groups and more information and localities are available on the ARPA Locations page. Here is an example of the activities at the Blackwood Regional group. Blackwood meet on a Wednesday from 9:30am to 2:00pm. During this time you could choose from table tennis, a variety of card games, board games, carpet bowls, or pool. During the year they hold day trips, outings and special lunches.


There are opportunities for members to involve themselves in the running of the groups. There are a number of volunteer positions available at the ARPA Active Over 50s office in 25 Leigh Street, Adelaide. Read more about volunteering on this page.

Management of the Association

The Association is managed by a State Council elected by members and a part time salaried officer. Each group has a coordinator and most have a small committee to run the group for its members.

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