ARPA Active Over 50s has one of the largest and most popular bushwalking groups in South Australia. With over five hundred members, the groups organises over twenty day walks in and around Adelaide each month. Walks are graded, A, B, C, and D and range from a gentle 2 to 3 hour stroll to challenging 5 to 6 hour hikes. A number of camps are held each year within Australia with a range of different walks each day. Camps are also used to complete long distance trails such as the Heysen, Great South West or Larapinta. Occasionally camps are held overseas.

All the walks and camps are organised by members on a voluntary basis. Members are over fifty, many well into their eighties, but this is a vibrant group which inspires confidence in life’s possibilities.

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General inquiries to Chris, 0435 805 223, Valerie, 8278 1562 or John, 8278 3091.

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